How To keep sugar in control During Covid-19 Pandemic.


How To keep sugar in control, Reduce daily intake of carbohydrates to 175gm: Endocrinologist, Dr Shariq Masoodi.

Asks to take protein,vitamin, mineral, fiber, antioxidant rich food and exercise more

Underlying comorbidities create complications during covid infection

SRINAGAR, MAY 24: Persons having comorbidities including obesity, hypertension, diabetes can increase their survival chances by taking precautions and adopting covid related guidelines perfectly and strictly, said Dr Shariq Masoodi, Endocrinologist, SKIMS, Soura, Srinagar.

Endocrinologist, Dr Shariq Masoodi while speaking regarding the pandemic said that Covid infection is now common among people and majority of the patients recover immediately in home isolation.

However, he said that less than two percent of the covid infected patients develop serious complications owing to underlying comorbidities including Age factor, obesity, blood sugar, hypertension, cancer or any other disease and some of them die due to the infection. Such patients need critical care including oxygen supply, ventilation and hospitalization .

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