Islam: Korean actress and her brother converted to Islam.


Islam: Korean actress and her brother converted to Islam.

The very famous Korean actress Ayana Moon and her brother converts to Islam in 2010, but the news went viral in June 2020. She was born in the year 1995, she converted to Islam at the age of 16. Ayana Moon is now a social media influence and actress. As many of you know that right in the younger generation there is a new trend and craze for Korean dramas and series on very online platforms like Netflix and Viki. Accord ing to sources first Ayana Moon converted to the reli gion of peace and after her conversion, her brother Adiyan Moon also converted to Islam.

Korean actress Ayana Moon and her Brother.

She is a model, a social media influencer with around 3M followers on Instagram. She was successful in at taining the title of one of the youngest Muslim influ encers around the world.

She has a great fan following from India, Indonesia, South Korea, and many adjoining countries. She is fa mous for the name “Korean Hijabi”.

Her conversion is due to the Iraq war at that time, she came to know about Islam from those wars and she found Islam beautiful and a religion of peace, so she decided to convert to Islam. She shared her conversion story on her Instagram profile and other many social media handles.

May Allah guides many more non-muslims to Islam through Ayana Moon, may she keep on inspiring other people to convert to Islam.

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