Is Turkey really considering sending troops to Jerusalem? | Details Here


Is Turkey really considering sending troops to Jerusalem? | Details Here

There’s a report out by Sputnik, of all places, that suggests Turkey is considering sending troops to East Jerusalem on a ‘peacekeeping mission’ or something:

This has been echoed by Disclose.TV, a breaking news account on Twitter that has nearly half a million followers:

So I investigated this and found literally nothing. I even searched in the Turkish on Twitter and there’s not a hint of any reports suggesting this. Where Sputnik got the news, I have no idea because they aren’t saying.

I even spoke with Walid Shoebat, who said he just doesn’t think Turkey is ready for such an escalation because they don’t have nukes yet. He says they want them and are trying to get them, but they aren’t there yet. Also, he added there’s no way that Israel would allow Turkey to put Troops in Jerusalem, so it would definitely be a serious military escalation.

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He’s probably right but admits he could be surprised, so we’ll see. I don’t think Israel would use nukes against Turkey if they invaded East Jerusalem on a ‘so-called’ peacekeeping mission, because Israel won’t even go as far as they should with Gaza and Hamas.

Erdogan needs to build cred with the Palestinians and the rest of the Islamic world at some point because, otherwise, he’ll just look like a leader who says he’s got the Palestinian’s back but at the end of the day he’s all talk. And he clearly doesn’t want that. Remember, he considers himself the caliph of the Muslim world and he’s going to have to do something to get their trust at some point so he can unite them behind himself.

But even so, considering all of this, it does seem a bit far-fetched that Turkey would such a move right now. And as I said, there’s nothing to substantiate these rumors that I can find. So for now, this looks like a baloney report.

As an aside, Walid Shoebat has a new book out and you can read it for free. It’s called “The keys to unlock the signs of The End.”

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