Taliban on India: Before the withdrawal of foreign troops the Taliban told India | Details Here


Taliban on India: Before the withdrawal of foreign troops the Taliban told India | Details Here – JK Student Update

Taliban on India: The forces of America and its allies will withdraw completely from Afghanistan by September. After which there is increasing concern about the political deadlock (India Afghanisan Relations).

Since India has invested a lot in Afghanistan and Pakistan is close with Taliban, nothing is clear about the relationship between India and Afghanistan. Meanwhile, the Taliban have kept their word about India. The Taliban says that it believes that it can live in peace with India and other neighboring countries

The Taliban said that no country can replace its neighbours. According to the Indian Express report, Taliban spokesperson Suhail Shaheen has said these things on the question asked on India and Kashmir. Suhail Shaheen said, ‘Pakistan is our neighboring country.

The history and values ​​of both the countries have remained the same. India is our regional country. No country can change its neighbor and region. We have to accept this reality and live peacefully. It is in the interest of all of us.

The aim is to establish an Islamic government

Describing the Taliban as a “nationalist Islamic force”, Suhail said that its aim is to “liberate Afghanistan from foreign occupation and establish an Islamic government”. Earlier there were reports that Indian officials have established contacts with Taliban factions (Taliban in Afghanistan). Including Mulla Baradar.

India was earlier excluded from the Afghanistan peace process. Pakistan has played the role of mediator in this peace talks. Then the representatives of the Taliban and the Afghan government were brought together for talks for the next phase of talks.

India has made huge investment

In the last nearly two decades, India has given 3 billion dollars to Afghanistan as development assistance. Because of this, India’s influence in Afghanistan has increased. Due to which Pakistan gets very irritated. However, there is uncertainty about what role India will play here in the future (India’s Investment in Afghanistan).

That too at a time when the strength of the Taliban is increasing in Afghanistan. Confirming India’s contact with the Taliban, the Ministry of External Affairs had said that India is in touch with all sides of Afghanistan. However, Shaheen said that he has no information about this.


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