Video: Car Swallowed By Hole At Mumbai Parking Lot After Rain.


Video: Car Swallowed By Hole At Mumbai Parking Lot After Rain.

A video of the bizarre incident in Mumbai’s Ghatkopar shows the whole car disappearing into the well within seconds.

Mumbai: A car parked at a residential complex in Mumbai disappeared within seconds today into a well that was partly covered to create a parking lot.

A video of the bizarre incident in Ghatkopar, which is doing the rounds on social media, shows the car’s bonnet and front wheels enter the well first. The rear part of the car follows and soon the vehicle disappears whole under the water.

The other vehicles parked near the car, including one right next to it, were not affected.

The car’s owner Dr Kiran Doshi said the incident took place around 8.30 am. “We have another car in the compound and the man who cleans it alerted us. We came out onto the passage and before our eyes, the car disappeared into the well.”

Dr Doshi said the well is about 30 feet deep. “We are using submersible pumps to suck out the water and a crane is here to get the car out,” he said. He added that the well is over 100 years old.

The video has emerged at a time when Mumbai, along with other areas in coastal Maharashtra, is getting heavy monsoon rainfall. The downpour over the past few days has led to waterlogging in several areas and also caused the Powai lake to overflow.

The India Meteorological Department yesterday predicted heavy rainfall for the city over the weekend. In view of the weather department’s rain forecast, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation has issued a “high alert” for all agencies, including power utility firms. The Coast Guard, Navy and NDRF have been asked to remain on standby.

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