PUBG Mobile: Battlegrounds Mobile India release date has leaked once again


PUBG Mobile: Battlegrounds Mobile India release date has leaked once again.

Ever since Battlegrounds Mobile India went up for pre-registration, enthusiasts have been longing for just one thing: When will the Indian version of PUBG Mobile arrive? There have been speculations around the launch date. While the discourse among the community has suggested June 10, some YouTubers have claimed the Battlegrounds Mobile India release will take place on June 18. Now, once again, June 18 has emerged as the tentative date for the launch. Krafton may bring back PUBG Mobile in India later this month.

PUBG Mobile’s new avatar Battlegrounds Mobile India release may happen on June 18, if we go by what Maxtern, who is a famous PUBG Mobile content creator and an influencer, tweeted. Maxtern tweeted out a binary code followed by “Enjoy”, and if you solve this code, you will get 18062021, which is June 18, 2021. Maxtern’s tip goes in line with what some YouTubers previously said. Content creator Abhijit Andhare, who is famous as Ghatak, earlier tipped the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India could take place in the third week of June. And then, IGN India, citing sources, reported that the launch date for PUBG Mobile’s Indian version is June 18.

The speculation that June 18 is when Battlegrounds Mobile India will arrive sits well with the timeline Krafton has been following. The pre-registration for Battlegrounds Mobile India opened on May 18, so it makes sense that the launch happens right after one month, which will fall on June 18. But, on the other hand, the PUBG Mobile India community believes the launch would take place on June 10. That is because Krafton shared a poster last month with the level 3 helmet superimposed over a source of light, supposedly the sun. The community believes this poster represents a solar eclipse, and since the next one is going to fall on June 10, Battlegrounds Mobile India may see a release the same day.

Krafton has so far stayed mum about the launch date of PUBG Mobile’s Indian version, but it keeps teasing that the Battlegrounds Mobile India is coming soon.

The wait for the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India may end soon, probably this month. But until then, the company is accepting pre-registration requests on Google Play Store. The iOS counterpart is in the works, according to Krafton. People who do the pre-registration on Android are eligible for four exclusive rewards. They are a Recon Mask, a Recon Outfit, 300 AG, and Celebration Expert limited title.

The company has also teased the level 3 helmet and level 3 backpack that will arrive in Battlegrounds Mobile India. Moreover, the Indian version will feature Erangel and Sanhok maps, the same way as PUBG Mobile, but their names may see a change, just like Battlegrounds Mobile India.

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